Welcome to Don Lorenzo

Welcome reader. Chances are you're here to read my stories or assorted ramblings. I wrote many of them because stuff worth sharing or reminiscing about happens all the time. Over the years I've written about many a crazy adventure, trip or other hazardous encounters, sometimes with unfortunate but appropriately embarassing consequences. Most all of them aren't actually on the site anymore because they're rather crass and made many people unhappy.

I initially decided to start writing these things down after people I’ve never met started to tell me stories about ‘some guy that’s a friend of a friend’ that did something absolutely crazy and it turned out to be me. If these strangers cared about my exploits, maybe there'd be an audience. Despite publishing them on this site I wrote these stories mainly for myself as a sort of souvenir of days gone by. As it turned out there really wasn't much of an audience. Also I'm coming up on the big thirty, enjoying a great family and career and don't actually dare showcase rampant illicit antics for all to see.

Despite lots of valid reasons for not being an online behavioural exhibitionist there are still some genuinely funny bits hiding in the drunk past of reckless abandon. I've not decided how and if to revive those, but it may happen in some way shape or form.

In the interim this site is now about Jacuzzi building (seriously, go have a look and do it), SCUBA divingvarious sci-fi space things and some actual rocket building! Use the menu at the top of the page to pick a category of sneak peeks into my life. After selecting a category the stories are accessible from the bottom of the page in a book outline. Use the buttons at the bottom of each story to leave a comment (currnetly disabled) or browse to the next one.