KSP to Mars series

In this series I try to do a return mission to Mars. Big deal right? Most KSP players can do a Mars return mission after a few hours of play. Except ofcourse the Mars-analogue planet in KSP is called Duna and it’s really rather close and easy to get to. To get from Kerbin orbit to Duna orbit requires around 1km/s of delta-v. To compare, this is roughly equal to half the delta-v that’s required to go from low earth orbit to lunar orbit in the real world. So what do we do in the ‘KSP to Mars’ series?

  1. Modify the game so it portrays our actual real solar system (through the mod of the same name)
  2. For extra challenge, use the KSP rocket parts which are generally less powerful than our mighty earth technology (to somewhat balance the fact that Kerbin, whilst resembling Earth, is actually close to 1/10 the size)

The initial results are a helluvalot of failure. The KSP Interstellar mod does unlock some pretty powerful parts later on, but in the beginning it’s just vanilla KSP rockets parts and getting to orbit is a real challenge. To compare: it takes about 4 km/s to get to Kerbin orbit vs almost 10km/s for Earth orbit. That means either a really big rocket, or a very small payload. The first fifteen episodes or so focus on getting to orbit and also importantly: getting back down again safely. Check out one of the following episodes, or jump into the whole YouTube playlist. Alternatively click through to the next page to read a brief synopsis of kerbalkinds adventures to Mars!