KSP YouTube Videos

One of my passions is space travel and astronomy and in my spare time I like to play computer games (yes; I prefer travelling, exploring, adventures and scuba diving but those are a tad harder to do on a rainy Thursday afternoon between work and sleep). Imagine the excitement when I heard of Kerbal Space Program; the best game about rocket building and flying (and crashing) in the world. I first picked up this game from a grimy hostel in South America struggling to run it on a cheap netbook, but a few years have passed since then and while the game was evolving so did my playing environment.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing off and on again (and currently mostly ‘on’ once more) over the past couple of years is MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I don’t know why that was in all caps. Probably because the point of this page is to draw attention to the fact that there exist literally hundreds of fun videos about little green men goofing about with highly explosive rockets. Yes, that’s it. I’m writing this from an elevator I’m stuck in so pardon the incoherence. Actually, that’s where a kerbal would design a rocket. Stuck in an elevator, alone, he’d draw something on a napkin and then immediately build AND LAUNCH it. With people in it. His brothers. That’s the gist of kerbal space program. And it lets you pretend you’re a kickass spaceman or woman that goes to all kinds of awesome makebelieve places. I suggest you go watch my youtube videos. I occasionally make jokes on it as well, and sometimes even share current space news.

I did and do several different series, on this page I’ll put links to the most recent videos, but do check out the underlying pages where I’ll go a little bit more in depth about what I’m doing in each of those and which episodes are particularly worth watching. That is, if you like space rockets and let’s play type videos (but better, because I’m doing them!) with actual info and sort-of-fun jokes in them.